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At Novabright we offer a range of tailored services and solutions to meet the agenda of Further Education Colleges in the UK. Continue reading to find out more. 

Why use Novabright?

We offer a range of solutions to enhance both your provision and learner experience. Here are some key benefits:

Need to fill some gaps, lecturers off sick, can't recruit the talent you need?

Novabright is your new best friend in the classroom. Our extensive range of online courses is designed to complement and enhance your existing curriculum, offering students engaging, practical, and up-to-date content.

No Lecturer? No Panic!

In the event of a lecturer's absence, our flexible and comprehensive online courses can be quickly deployed to maintain the curriculum's flow, keeping students engaged and on track with their studies. For example, a College can provides a range of students with short courses when lecturers are off work.

No Expertise on the Team? No Sweat!

Our industry-expert-developed courses cover a broad spectrum of subjects, equipping students with the essential knowledge and skills for their careers. For example, our Horse First Aid course is ideal for land-based colleges where they don't have equestrian experts on their teaching staff.

Customised Curriculum Support

We work closely with educational institutions to tailor our courses to specific curriculum requirements, supporting educational standards and goals. Our courses complement exam revision and upskill learners in challenging subjects, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Interactive Learning Modules

Our courses feature interactive components such as quizzes, videos, and practical assignments to keep students engaged and motivated. We have a 100% success and completion rate from our students.

Enhanced Competitiveness

Incorporating Novabright's courses adds value to your institution, making your offering more competitive and attractive compared to other colleges, and more attractive to potential students.
We were thrilled with Novabright's role in enhancing the development of our digital literacy initiative for staff and students at Bridgwater & Taunton College. The comprehensive course developed, designed with industry expertise, aligned perfectly with our goal of enhancing digital proficiency among staff in particular. The flexibility, interactivity, and practical application of learning content provided an engaging learning experience. As a result, our staffs' digital literacy, confidence and awareness of digital content production have significantly improved, better preparing them for the future of learning content development and overall enhancing the skills that our staff possess in order to create an enriched learning environment for our students. 

Stephen Kemmery

Digital Development Lead, Cambridge University Press & Assessment

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Our Equine department have been utilising the Equine First Aid online course as part of our delivery of equine health, we have found it adds a great deal of value to our learner's knowledge of the topic of equine health, sick care, and what to do in emergency situations. Any issues we have regarding accessibility have been rectified in a timely and polite manner. We routinely use it as a tool for revision and it allows our students to gain a certificate of completion post finishing the course - this is a great addition for the students who love to build evidence for their CV at this stage in their lives. We will continue to support this as a mainstay in our curriculum enrichment, and would recommend this to other educational providers. Thank you!'  

Ria McLean

Equine Lecturer & Programme Leader

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Wiltshire College’s Animal Management department have utilised a range of courses for our Level 2 and Level 3 students, such as Pet First Aid. These courses have complimented the students learning as they cover a range of the topics required for their qualification. The students had the opportunity to either use these courses as a revision tool or to continue their learning once their qualification had ended to build upon their CV. I would definitely recommend Novabright to any educational provider, and I look forward to continuing working with them to enhance the curriculum.    

Rachel Stockwell

Lecturer & Programme Leader in Animal Care

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Great course. I feel more informed about our license related activities; more able to ensure we set up and maintain welfare led service provision 👍 

Nanette Chandler

Franchise Owner at We Love Pets

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