Maximising the benefits of the Novabright Subscription Service: A guide for franchisees and managers

May 16 / Adam Harper
As a franchise owner, you understand the importance of having a well-trained and motivated team. Our new subscription service offers a powerful tool to enhance your staff’s skills and ensure your business thrives. For a monthly fee, your team gains unlimited access to our comprehensive course catalogue, and you benefit from full oversight of their progress. This subscription service also provides a solution to the ongoing demands of local authorities and DEFRA to evidence CPD and suitable training in animal care businesses. Here’s how you can get the most out of this service and drive your business to new heights.

1. Assess Your Team’s Training Needs

Before diving into the course catalogue, take some time to assess the training needs of your team. Identify areas where your staff could benefit from additional knowledge or skills. Are there gaps in customer service or technical expertise? Understanding these needs will help you select the most relevant courses for your team, ensuring they get the maximum benefit from their training.

2. Create a Customised Training Plan

Once you’ve identified your team’s training needs, create a customised training plan. Map out which courses are essential for different roles within your franchise. For example, front-line staff might focus on customer service and animal care courses, whereas managers might benefit from leadership and business operation courses. A well-structured training plan will provide clear direction and help your team prioritise their learning activities.

3. Encourage Regular Course Participation

Consistent engagement is key to getting the most out of any training program. Encourage your team to regularly participate in courses and allocate time for learning within their schedules. You can set aside specific hours each week dedicated to training, ensuring that it becomes a regular part of your business operations. Regular participation not only reinforces learning but also keeps your staff up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

4. Utilise the Progress Monitoring Tools

Our subscription service includes powerful progress monitoring tools that give you full oversight of your team’s learning journey. Regularly review the progress reports to track course completions, assess performance, and identify areas for improvement. Use this data to provide constructive feedback and support to your staff, helping them stay on track and motivated. The insights gained from these tools can also inform future training decisions and strategies.

5. Foster a Culture of Continuous Learning

Promote a culture of continuous learning within your business. Celebrate course completions and achievements, and encourage your team to share their knowledge and insights gained from the courses. This not only reinforces the value of training but also creates a collaborative learning environment where everyone is committed to personal and professional growth. A culture of continuous learning keeps your team engaged and your business competitive.

6. Leverage Training to Address Business Challenges

Use the training resources to tackle specific business challenges. If you’re facing issues like low customer satisfaction or declining sales, identify courses that address these problems and incorporate them into your training plan. Tailored training can provide your team with the skills and strategies needed to overcome challenges and improve overall business performance.

7. Encourage Feedback and Improvement

Encourage your staff to provide feedback on the courses they take. Their insights can help you understand which courses are most effective and where there might be gaps. Use this feedback to continuously improve your training plan and ensure it meets the evolving needs of your business. Engaging your team in this process also reinforces their commitment to their own development and the success of the franchise.

8. Stay Updated with New Courses

Our course catalogue is regularly updated with new content to keep up with industry developments and emerging trends. Make it a habit to stay informed about new courses and incorporate relevant ones into your training plan. Keeping your training program current ensures your team is always learning the latest skills and knowledge, giving your franchise a competitive edge.


Our online training subscription service is a valuable asset for franchisees looking to enhance their team’s skills and drive business success. By assessing training needs, creating customised plans, encouraging regular participation, utilising progress monitoring tools, fostering a culture of continuous learning, leveraging training to address challenges, encouraging feedback, and staying updated with new courses, you can maximise the benefits of this service. Invest in your team’s development today and watch your franchise flourish.